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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
is the president of the brooklyn academy of music known as bam. the prokhorov fund and bam have announced a new partnership to promote a cultural exchange between russia and the united states. i am pleased to have each of them at this table. you have been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. >> now it's finally here. sometimes i pinch myself, am i really here? it's been hard and long but worth it. >> rose: what was hard? >> what was hard i think was there was every single impediment from a recession to 35 litigations to the difficulty of constructing in the city. every aspect was difficult, really. getting a project done like that requires approvals and people litigate. and also-- y know, called different names and so on. >> rose: you were clled lots of names if i remember. >> that's right. >> rose: because people didn't know your intent and they were worried what you were promising you wouldn't deliver. >> they didn't know what it would look like. they were worried it wouldn't be attractive. they were worried that we wouldn't do it, that we'd be left with a hole in the ground. >> r
Oct 8, 2012 12:00pm EDT
shot. it was very rapid, you know, eight of them in a row, just bam, bam, bam. slid out of bed, stayed low. looked like the whole police department was outside. >> reporter: these three roommates woke up to police shooting a 22-year-old man just two hours after he made a bizarre phone call to 191. >> starting stating that he was armed, he wanted to kill himself or wanted to die, and he wanted the police to kill him. >> reporter: police tracked him to this home in silver springs, where his 23-year-old girlfriend was babysitting three kids overnight. >> we told the girlfriend, keep the door locked, stay away from the basement door and don't let them in. >> reporter: police were able to get the girlfriend and the kids out safe, through the front door, while trying to talk down her boyfriend, who was standing in a back stairwell. they went back and forth for about an hour, but then he made his move toward police. >> he did have some sort of handgun in one of his hands, and there was an encounter between he and the place and he was slot. >> sounded like seven slots and we heard an officer y
Oct 19, 2012 9:00am EDT
they're now looking for her's still unclear how "bam bam" eded up on the coming up... thingg get a little heated in the kitchen phhs week. weee.22:24:17:05 (sayy hat the ingredient nside this recipe....that beeame aatopic of discussion here at fox455 fox45.thaa's ahead... in this week's "say what" segment. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p((break 5)) the jobless rate goes up and then goes down... and no one seems to agree on what that means... "it's a situation that's a national issue that impacts all americans -- more people are dropping out of the work force, it's not that new jobs are being created." but behind those numbers are real people... "so just to live on a every day basis can be very difficult." hear the stories behind the employment statistics... "you feel like someone's pulled the carpet out from underneath you." on the "700 club" club friday at 3this! &pthis!today on our faaeeookk doggy door....with a tight fit. hhre's wwat some of you captioned it. it. "me first." ffrst." "lldies first.. first." "dibs on the mailman." here's some of your other if you
Oct 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
's the vibrating atom do? boom, spit, burp, bam, bam, bam--it cascades, when it gets to the end. here's your piece of glass like this, yeah. here's your first atom just sitting like that. here comes a wave--choo, choo-- okay, hoop, i spit. next atom, boom, okay, boom. hit, boom. here's the atom right on the edge over here. whip, boom. this one, hit, boom, and then foom, free space. how fast did it throw it out? free space. you know what the speed of the light was in between atoms? 300,000 kilometers per second, the speed of light that you get in a vacuum. 'cause guess--we think of a vacuum as void, right? take a piece of glass, take a piece of water, what's in between the atoms? how many say airspace? no, no, no, no, no. no airspace. what's in between there, gang? begin with a v end with oid. try it. - void. - a void. and guess how fast that light wave go or that light particle or that light goes in between atoms? the same as it goes outside. how come light slows down when it goes through? i wonder there could be maybe a time delay between being absorbed and spitting it out. if there is a time del
Oct 23, 2012 1:00am PDT
identified as bam-bam was marooned on a rock jetty submerged by high tide. how surprised were you to see a dog there? >> i was absolutely shocked. just a remarkable, ridiculous sight. >> the dog was panicking. charlie managed to lift her into his paddle boat. >> it's okay. >> his iphone camera in a water proof case of strapped to his neck. between the tide and high winds -- >> he literally had about five minutes before he would have been a goner. >> reporter: charlie paddled to shore and brought the pub to the nearest pub and an embedded chip helped identified the dog. the rocks were part of a man made see wall called a groin. the pooch ended up going from one groin to another. >> what are you doing throughout? he realized i was there to help him and he nuzzled up between my legs in a nice way and away we went. >> and charlie's head is in the right. >> when the shih tzu hit the fan, charlie's head was in the right spot. >> oh, matey, what are you doing out here? >> i am happy to tell you bam-bam, whose real name is molly, is now back home with her family. >> valerie bertinelli reveals wh
FOX News
Oct 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
the sound of the gunfire. >> i just heard bam, bam, bam. >> the gunman set fire to the house before shooting the victims. he may have remained inside the house as it burned. think think his body might be in there as well. >> the center for disease control reporting 23 deaths total. so far, doctors confirm 284 cases across 16 states. there is a danger of more cases developing in those receiving the shots. elizabeth prann has the latest. >> so many patients on edge as they wait to see if they develop investigation linked to the contaminated steroids shot or worse, meningitis. >> my husband is part of me. he is my other half. >> kathryn can only hope and pray while her husband bob fights for his life after being injected with a bad batch of medicine. >> chills off, my gosh, he -- he was like 102. >> he is just one of the many faces in the senator of a nationwide medical scare. outbreak of meningitis that is keeping millions of people on the edge. several have died. hundreds are sick. even more are at risk. >> my wife and i start watching the news. they came out in the news, meningitis outbreak.
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 2:00pm PDT
the empty walk-about? mitt needs to hit hard. benghazi, bam. high unemployment, you kill a pipeline, bam. greece crumbles under entitlement, and you bloat government more? bam. all you need is facts. after that, obama probably shake his head. think of clooney. clooney will think of him. eva will want to cradle him. matt damon will sleek naked at the moon. yes, obama seeks sympathy. along with a hand sheikh. box for his things. maybe two. there is the nobel peace prize. we have andrea in denver, colorado, which is a state, i believe. there you are. >> andrea: the 57t 57th. >> greg: it is. in my mind, the focus has to be on libya, but this is all about domestic issues. are they going to change the format so we address the most important topic of the week or month or year? >> andrea: greg, unfortunately, i don't think so. if you look at the format now, it's all on the economy. if i were jim lerher i'd have more flexibility. it's dominating the headlines finally. if i'm romney, i'd bring it up in an answer. why? the economic security is tied to the national security. he has an opportunity, i
Oct 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
this, huh, it's like a lot like this. bam-bam-bam, one cubic meter of air, like a little small truckload gang, has one and a quarter kilograms, okay? that's about 2-3/4 pounds. so try this tonight when you go home. open up the fridge. now your fridge is about three-quarters of a cubic meter. ask the people at the house, "hey, the air inside there have any weight?" what are they going to say? yeah, it's got some weight. see that big grapefruit sitting there on the shelf, does that have any weight? yeah. say which weight is more, the grapefruit or the air? take a guess. you've got about 2 pounds of air in there. and if that grapefruit is less than a 2-pounder, then the weight of air in that refrigerator is greater than the weight of-- so greater than the weight of a dozen of eggs, dozen of eggs weigh less than the air in an ordinary-sized refrigerator. now you're not noticing that weight of air. let me ask you a similar question. does water have a weight? yeah, water kind of weighs a lot, doesn't it? if i handed you a great big bag of water and i say, "here, take this." and i put
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm PDT
injuries. i was told the car came out of nowhere, down the street, driving crazy and bam. it's horrible and devastating. it happens too much. i talked to a neighbor in this area, she's been here for 8 years. this is a horrible spot. the crosswalk, the red light, the no right turn on red don't mean a thing. they need bumps on the street! these people drive like it's a freeway. it's horrible! >> both female victims were said to be in serious condition. the young boy has been treated and released. >>> violent crime still hang over oakland. two men died in a double shooting in west oakland last night. the two were in a car and they drove a block before stopping at 12th and filbert street before being shot. >> reporter: with the murder rate over 90 for the year, police are ready to launch a crime fighting strategy this month called cease-fire which targets the city's most violent individuals and groups >> s >> we believe that the total number of groups that are responsible for the violence range from 200 to 300 individuals. >> reporter: they'll be called in to meet with local law enforcement
Oct 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT
Ú ando con e nf ocq ue des e w ashington d. c. e h ace poc o e scu cha bam os l a p er spe perspec tiv a re bp u pu bl ican a, a ho l lo har emos con la d emo cr at a >> ha bl emos de lde b e l d eba te . >> jo zes humano, baden, si lo in internacionalrinternr interrumpian, era porque estaba diciendo cosas que no son ver d verdaderas. >>pero usted es parlamenetarita no es cosa bonita internacionr h hay que dejar que el in internacioninternaciocambio de ideas se realice con frate fraternidad. >>no es bueno engaÑar ni mentir ochenta veces, si lo hace, llega el momento en que alguien dira, la alto, es tiempo de verdad. y es lo que hizo. >>el secretario gutiÉrrez hab b hablaba sobre la realidad, yo le recordaba que por mÁs de cuar t cuarenta mesees el desempleo h b bajado, que cuando llego barak obama estaban perdiendo 70 mil e empleos al mes. y le dijo que no era culpa de bush, que es por u culpa de la situaciÓn que se e lleva este paÍs desde los aÑos 7 70. >>usando esa logica , no es cu p culpa de barak obama que no haya desempleop, que locura, sabemos que cada presidente
Oct 18, 2012 5:30pm EDT
a family memmer social security or something and bam information." the mta will pe posting siins inside buses whhch alert riders that video killing his grandparents is ith- now back in maryland. 31-year-old matthew long was extraaited from oklahoma yesttrdaa anddis now being &pcounts oo first degree murder investigators say longgused a knife and dumbbells tookill &phis grandparents... vaughn an mmrjorie pepper... last month inside their pikesville home. the nexx day - auttorities found long unresponsive inside an oklahoma motel... from an 45299personnel at the hotel called oklahoma authorities responded nd he was taken tt notified 38hen ourragencyywas - 38investigators say they ad improved tt interviiw hhm and bring him back tt maryland. so a motive in the illings. a... bbltimmre county man... is... senttnccdd.. to life in prisonn.. ffr... randdllstown... / a... teenage ggrl dead.. 33 at... liierty and chapee--dale police say... ryan mclean... and... el-rich smmth... fatally shot... 17-yeaa old katelyn messina../.. the... other victim... a... 22 injured...
Oct 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
and bam somebooy got your information.. (14:27:244 powens) "our goal is to nnt infringe on anyone's priiacyy but to provide police aad passengers with additional police resolle crimes houud one occur." pccur."there will b a sign on phe bus allrting passengerr that video and audio is being recorded. m-t-a officials say they got &pgeneral's office. live from mondawmin buu stop, i'm megaa gilliland, fox45 morning news. a sssppcted peeping tom is onnthe loose in hhward county. secretly ideotapeddtwo women in their condo along montgomery road in ellicott cityythey think it started over the summer and would've continued... if the women hadn't found a camera hidden in one of thhir closets last taken from tte camera shows the man setting it p... and police say he came back to the condo sveral tiies to adjust its pooition. got the firrt e place. (20:222 there's no signs off a brokee lock ......windowss... (4:15) we ave an outside dooo that acttally is a second layer so i;m shocked that he layee......police say the yer..- &psuspect is seen wearing thh same lo
Oct 19, 2012 4:30am PDT
>>> absolutely terrified. >> that's bam-bam the shih tzu stranded on a rock off the coast of england. he was discovered by charlie hurd who brought the dog on his paddle board and back to shore. the owner hasn't been found. as for charlie he is back to make his 600-mile paddle boat trip. next year he is planning a 3,000-mile journey across the atlantic. >>> lawrence is in san jose. he had a shovel earlier. where's the helmet? >> they haven't turned on the big gear. we have the tractor behind us. i'm in an open field that looks like a whole lot of nothing this morning but you know what? it's going to be a very busy weekend here as they are doing the groundbreaking and they are trying to break a world record here in san jose. they need more than 4500 people to come out here and guess what? they have already got 5500 guaranteed to come out here. but you're more than welcome to come down. they have over 6,000 shovels down here. you can bring your own shovel, too, if you want to. they want to bring you out to the field and they want to do the groundbreaking and get ready for the new san jose
Oct 31, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, the hoodie and the whole business. this guy, comes out of nowhere, makes his way through the minors and bam. >> i think he's stock shot up and he is a legitimate closer. if you look at the beginning of the season, the giants lost their 2nd baseman, freddy sanchez, brian wilson for a year and sergio romo steps up and bams one of the -- became one of the best closers in baseball. >> we told you we would be giving you live kornlg and the best perspective. we want to go to juliette goodrich who i believe is in a specially motorized vehicle giving us a perspective seen only on cbs 5. juliette? >> reporter: hello, ken. yes, we are with mobile 5 and we actually got lucky. we hopped on with security. so no, we're not in a convertible, we're in a go-cart but that's okay. we're here with all of the fans and that team is taking the video for us. you can see the adoring fans as they see the players drive by. you can see the fans lining the street. and the cable cars as well. a lot of sximent here and -- excitement here and ken and dennis, these players are just so grateful for all of the fan support,
Oct 16, 2012 6:30pm EDT
mostrÓ que entre los votantes probables el 50% apoya a romney y el 46% apoya a 0 bam. en cambio en otra encuesta de reuters el presidente obama ha ganado terreno frente a romney. el presidente tiene 46% de la intenciÓn del voto frente a 43% de su rival. el sondeo indica que la cantidad de indecisos ha Último do. >>> las encuestas en el tradicionalmente conservador estado de virginia, son reÑidas, tanto que el voto hispano, podrÍa ser decisivo para dar la victoria a cualquiera de los candidatos el nÚmero de votantes latinos ha tenido un extraordinario incremento en la Última dÉcada. y en este momento, son aproximadamente el 4% del electorado. lourdes nos muestra el particular anÁlisis. >>> en la disputada virginia, los votantes hispanos pueden ser la llave al triunfo del presidente obama y otros demÓcratas. en el estado que antes fuera un bastiÓn conservador. el presidente le lleva una ventaja a romney, de mÍnimos de un punto. un empate estadÍstico segÚn un promedio de encuesta . >>> estamos esperando elecciÓn competitivas en virginia entonces, si 4% del voto es voto latino
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
. these are going bam, bam, bam. i know that i have to hone in on hose. those are the ones that will start making money for everybody. >> reporter: what began as a hobby is a serious and profitable business. >> sold. years ago i sold a rare star wars toy and it garnered about $75,000. >> i just touched a -- >> the thing is this, not every toy is going to be a home run but a lot of the old toys from the 19 0s, '70s and '80s are worth money. >> reporter: especially barbie, cabbage patch, hot wheels, and anything and everything star wars. simply having toy gold hembrough's term for striking it big isn't enough to rake in the cash. it has to be in good condition. >> first and foremost, is it in the package? that packaging is everything. if you don't have the package, make sure the toy is complete. >> reporter: here is the million dollar question, what do you have to say to all those moms and dads that yell at their kids, want them to get rid of those toys, toss them out? what do you say? >> these toys are worth money. people have got to realize that. you can't just throw them in the junk bin, you kno
Oct 9, 2012 8:00am PDT
molecules do to that glass? bam, bam, bam, they're really hitting. they're hitting with a lot of kinetic energy. and they bang into the glass with a lot of kinetic energy. and what do the molecules on the glass do? they start banging too. what do they do to the neighbor? bang, bang, bang, it cascades right through. next chapter, we'll call that conduction, where the energy cascades with molecular impact, bang, bang, bang, right? and finally, what do you know about liquid in there? that stuff is being shaken too. and when it's shaken, what's that do? it climbs the tube. it climbs the tube. climbs, climb, climb, then it finally settles off and stops. and guess where you make a second scratch? one guess. there. no, not down here. not up here. guess, gang. right here. you put a scratch right in there, okay? now, you got-- and you can call this the temperature of boiling water. and we can call that 100. we can call this scratch down here zero. now, we got to make 100 scratches evenly spaced. so we get a hundred grades, a hundred grades. do you guys know what the prefix a hundred is? what's a
Oct 16, 2012 8:00am PDT
, something hits it, bam, bam, bam. they're moving in all kinds of speeds. so you got a distribution of speeds. and the distribution goes something like this. it's like the distribution of our test scores. remember how your test scores were? score, number--no. here was the score here and the number of people getting the score? well, the same type of thing here. this would be the temperature or we could say the motion or the kinetic energy. the kinetic energy of molecules in a glass of water versus the number of molecules. and what's the graph just say? that down here, there's a few that are going slow and there's a few that are going fast. these are relatives ideas here, huh, relative values. and most are going right about here in the middle. and when you talk about the temperature of the water, you're talking about the average kinetic energy, what most of these things are doing. isn't that true? now, which of those molecules do you think, in the glass of water, would be most apt to evaporate, the fast ones or the slow ones? - fast. - fast. i remember when i was a little kid, my father would d
Comedy Central
Oct 26, 2012 10:00am PDT
a couple smacks back, bam, right here, tag fixes his pants and gets in this broadside display like captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> stephen: tonight new scientific methods to predict its winner of the election, evenee meanee mine mitt? and getting ready for halloween, if are you like most americans you're already filled with candy. and my guest, mitch daniels is republican governor of indiana where the wind goes sweeping down the plains ♪ ♪ anonymous source say mitt romney uses spray tan. those anonymous sources, anyone with eyes. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing )
Comedy Central
Oct 26, 2012 7:30pm PDT
, he will get a couple smacks back, bam, right here, tag fixes his pants and gets in this broadside display like captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh
Comedy Central
Oct 29, 2012 11:00pm PDT
in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. (cheers and applause). >> jon: bam! >> the biggest geopolitical threat facing america you said russia. not al qaeda, you said russia. and the 1980s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back. (laughter and applause). >> jon: well, that was a little hackie. i mean that was -- that was a it will roasty. i wouldn't (bleep) your foreign policy with margaret thatcher's (bleep), come on! hickory dickory dock, your geopolitical understanding can suck my -- (laughter) sorry. that's -- no, please don't because then i'll do it again some night. (laughter) so the president had a good night. must have felt pretty confident because he was letting his professor or y'all side shine through. especially when it came to one country. >> we've created partnerships throughout the region to deal with extremism. in somalia, in yemen, in pakistan. >> jon: what? really? (laughter) pah-kee-stahn? really? suddenly you're a guy who's desperate to prove you once roomed with a foreign exchange student? (laughter) look, this is america, we don
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Oct 30, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. >> the president will maneuver, he will get a couple smacks back, bam, right here, tag fixes his pants and gets in this broadside display like captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh >> stephen: tonight new scientific methods to predict its winner of the election, evenee meanee mine mitt? and getting ready for halloween, if are you like most americans you're already filled with candy. and my guest, mitch daniels is republican governor of indiana where the wind goes sweeping down the plains ♪ ♪ anonymous source say mitt romney uses spray tan. those anonymous sources, anyone with eyes. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the report, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen. (cheers and applause) thank you, thank you so much. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. that fervent chanti
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Oct 31, 2012 9:00am PDT
will get a couple smacks back, bam, right here, tag fixes his pa a
Oct 8, 2012 11:35pm PDT
: bam. what we just saw and heard was t-bone crash similar to this one. we've seen a breathtaking series of splashes and crashes but for the new gm the true test is whether people will by their cars. elisabeth leamy in milford, michigan. >>> ahead, at home at the white house with michelle obama what she told mee co-anchor about life with the commander in chief. >> a little intimidated, a little afraid of you do you think? music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. those little things for you, life's about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequentl
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
. a bad guy in the white car, here come the police and bam, police-on-police crash. where is this? why are all of these people there? >> this is kind of funny. this accident because all of these people are standing around watching a police demonstration. just crashed into each other, showing off for the public. showing off the police. >> they said this is part of the show, you got to adapt to what happened. sometimes we're going to run into each other, you never know what's going to happen out there. >> it didn't seem to throw them down. they took out their fake suspect, threw him up against the smashed car. that was bad luck, now to good luck. >> to our favorite friendly russian road. >> uh-oh. >> watch to your right. >> oh boy. >> oh no. >> that's not good. >> he's okay. look at him moving around. >> exactly. horrible crash, the guy tries to make a pass, something. loses control, swerves in front of a giant truck. that smashes the car. he pops out of the windshield. he literally -- >> there's not any blood on him or anything. he walks right out of there. >> i think he did get a littl
Oct 22, 2012 9:30am PDT
. now in hot pursuit, this charger is trying to get away. watch what happens. >> oh, bam. >> oh, she not getting away today. >> yes, and actually the driver of this car is a woman. 28-year-old tawanna sally and she was injured in this sdint and also injured two sheriff's deputies in this accident according to the report. taken to the hospital with minor injuries, is expected to be okay. you can imagine, she faces several charges. according to reports, charleston police tried to pull her over. she did not respond to the blue lights. they made a call to the sheriff's office and got them involved in the chase, and then it turned out she was driving on a suspended license, according to reports. she had an expired tag. and you can see just how severe this crash really was. i mean, look at this. just twisted steel. >> you never get away. >> how many times do we show this thing and they actually got away, they beat the cops. >> in effecter, you're right. >> zero times. >> the two sheriff deputy, expected to recover. they also suffered minor injuries from this accident. >>> the beginning of
Oct 26, 2012 2:30pm PDT
on this program. are you doing all right? >> i am good. tavis: let's do this right quick, bam. these things are heavy. i love this. these are very, very heavy. >> they are heavier than you would expect. tavis: i would be like this. [laughter] tavis: how did it feel to finally get that monkey off your back? >> it was amazing. i felt a mixture of joy and relief at the same time. finally i can say i have done it. tavis: a lot of folks, not necessarily in competition, but in life, when you find yourself in a rut or in a situation where you cannot seem to push beyond it. in your case, losing to the same person, two olympics in a row. tell me about the mental process you had to go through of getting beyond losing to the same person in two consecutive olympic games. >> it is biblical. i don't think i ever really got over it. that is what made me work so hard over the last four years. you feel like you have made some progress, and then you do run faster, but the new are against that person again. it is difficult to pick up and decide to keep going on, and you see progress being made. tavis: how did
Oct 6, 2012 1:30am PDT
and out through the living room and my grandmother would say don't slam, bam, the screen door. i loved being deliciously frightened by my grandmother's stories. i loved being frightened as most young people love to be frightened. fast forward again, i decided i know, i am going to tell my grandmother's stories, so i wrote the dark:30, southern tales of the supernatural. i had never written anything longer. these are short stories, a collection of 10. based on southern stories, my stories but based on stories that i heard. they were like stories i heard. one in particular comes from my growing up. we managed our monsters. i was the founder and first president of monster watches of america. i ate 6 boxes of crinkle cereal and in the mail i received 6 glow in the dark id badges, oh yes. and i invited 5 friends to join me. the most prized possession was the monster book, you know the monster rules, you know them. module no. 10, monsters cannot come within the circle of light. if you have light, they can't come in that circle of lot. monster rule no. 7, you don't play near where monsters li
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